Gold Prize

Artist Name
Artist Comments
I am delighted to receive this award. When I received the news, my heart was filled with gratitude and joy. It is a tremendous honor to have my painting, centered around the theme of 'future,' recognized.
'Future' represents a time we both anticipate and will inevitably confront. Regardless of its positive or negative aspects, in this artwork, I attempted to convey my reflections and fantasies about the future through lines and strokes. The future may not always unfold in our idealized scenarios, but I aspire to maintain a sense of hope. Perhaps, as humans, we transition from expectations to reality, yet we persistently remain hopeful for the future.
Once again, I express my gratitude for this honor. I will continue to love and dedicate myself to the art, ceaselessly pursuing the peaks of creativity. Thank you!
Judges' Comments
The expression of light in contrast with the black background is very impressive, and gave us a sense of "hope" in this wonderful artwork. It is beautiful that pointillism technique is also used to express the light. Congratulations on winning the Gold Award!

Silver Prize

Artist Name
Krisada PonumsubThailand
Artist Comments
Judges' Comments
A beautiful mixture of technology and nature. I love the idea of fusing futuristic and mechanical motifs with humans and animals. The gold paint on the background with Pen-touch gives it a holy feeling and is very nice!

Bronze Prize

Artist Name
Artist Comments
Thank you to everyone who supports me and my art. You all know who you are :)
Judges' Comments
A large beautiful tree standing in ruins. This is another beautiful work of art that gives a sense of hope. Although it is an artwork in mono tone, you can feel the warmth and kindness.
Artist Name
Artist Comments
I never expected that I would win the prize so I couldn’t believe my ears when they announced my name as one of the winners.
As the contest theme is about 'FUTURE', my visual concept is to create a parallel effect between 'the good and bad of our future' by using both stippling and hatching techniques with the quality of ink materials by Sakura. Thanks again for this amazing competition.
Judges' Comments
We find this artwork very realistic and beautiful. The contrast between the black shadows, which add depth to the work, and the pointillism, which add softness, is wonderful.
Artist Name
Théia Hiss OliváresBrazil
Artist Comments
Greetings. It is an honor for me to have participated in Pigma Contest 2023 and won a prize. Sakura products are my favorite and I have been designing with them for many years. The high quality of the products makes it easier to draw my illustrations, like the one I presented for the competition:
My illustration shows how I see the Amazon rainforest in the future. It is a global concern as it is our greatest natural treasure. Looking at this beautiful place and hoping that, even with changes, it continues to exist.Thanks to Sakura Color Products for the award.
Judges' Comments
The beautiful fusion of birds and leaves immediately caught our attention. Looking closely, the surface of the woods are made of a mechanical material, which gave it a wonderful world view.
Artist Name
Mongkolchai ChaibutThailand
Artist Comments
I am extremely proud of this prestigious award, proud that I can do it.
Judges' Comments
Great work, overwhelmed by the amount of detail in the drawings! The overhead view of the city is a nice touch that emphasizes the dynamic atmosphere of the metropolis even more.
Artist Name
NuatFu หนวดฟูThailand
Artist Comments
Judges' Comments
It is a very attractive artwork with a sense of storytelling. The exciting composition and the details drawn make us want to take a closer look at the work.

Special Prize

Manga Award
Artist Name
Artist Comments
Award comment: This piece were made while I think about what "Future" means to me, and although right now, personally, the future seems so bleak, we believe in younger generation as front runner with beacons of hope. I wanted to symbolize those ideas into an imagery and I encourage viewers to make their own interpretations while enjoying this work.
Judges' Comments
A gentle and warm work that gives a feeling of hope for the future. The gray color used for the light overflowing from the lantern is a wonderful expression of gentleness.
Concept Award
Artist Name
Artist Comments
no matter how far the Human civilization is developed. Time will just keep flowing, and the new ones will flourish. Again and again.
Judges' Comments
A well designed thematic and storytelling piece. It made me want to know more about the future of these beautiful creatures! The use of gray as a background is a great way to bring the viewer's attention to the creatures.
Architecture Award
Artist Name
@A QiddMalaysia
Artist Comments
The children today
Will shape the future one day
How we talk today
How we think today
How we act today
Will be the textbook for the generations out there
For that, every second is very dear
To love them with no spare, treat them with fair, and hold them with care
Cause someday, they'll lead the way.
Judges' Comments
It is a very beautiful piece of work that shows the future that the children today are building up. The contrast between traditional houses and futuristic buildings is wonderful.

Thank you for participating in the contest. This year's theme was the future.
All are amazing and the works were from a variety of perspectives, including those that symbolize an AI-enabled planet and those that express a wish for peace and a vision for the future. Art is a universal language in which everyone can express themselves. We hope to communicate with people around the world through art. See you at the next contest!!




Our mission is to create a future where everyone can experience the joy of self-expression through mutual inspiration and respect.

We hope to realize this ideal future by not only providing quality products but also creating opportunities for self-expression through the Pigma Contest event.




Express what you can image from the theme “Future” in a one-sheet artwork with PIGMA series and the other Sakura products.

Entry Period

Application closed.
Thank you!

The final result will be announced on 31st January 2024.


Total 10 Winners

1 Gold Prize / 1 Silver Prize / 3 Bronzw Prize / 5 Special Prize

*Special prizes are awarded for Manga, sketches, line art, and other applications.


Gold Prize
Pigma series all 100 pen set, Gelly Roll Moonlight10 new pastel color set, Gelly Roll White 3pcs set, Koi Water Colors 96-color set and Koi Coloring Brush Pen 48-color set
Silver Prize
Pigma series 60 pens set, Gelly Roll White 3pcs set, Koi Water Colors 48-color set, Koi Coloring Brush Pen 24-color set
Bronze Prize
Pigma series 30 pens set, Gelly Roll White 3pcs set, Koi Water Colors 24-color set, Koi Coloring Brush Pen 12-color set

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Application Details

How to Apply

  • Create a new artwork according the contest theme "Future"
  • Post your artwork newly on your social media (Instagram / Facebook and more) with below dedicated hashtag.
    • #pigmacontest2023
    • #(your country) *For example #thailand #korea
  • Please post below 2 kinds of artwork images.
    • A photo or scanned image of the artwork itself
    • A photo of artwork taken with the product
Please post below 2 kinds of artwork images

Entry Requirements

  • Any artworks submitted out of the entry period are invalid.
  • All applicants must agree the Entry Guidelines below: Please read the guidelines carefully.
  • Each participant may enter as many times as they wish.
  • The applicant's social media account must be public. If it is private setting, your application is invalid.


  • Relevance to the theme
  • Artistic excellence

Entry Period

From 1st November to 30th November, 2023

Announcement of Winners

  • Result of primary / final selection will be posted on Sakura social media @sakuracolorproducts (Instagram / Facebook)
  • The winners will be announced on the website on 31st January 2024.
  • We, SAKURA COLOR PRODUCTS CORP. will inform winners of the result of this contest by direct message via social media. The prize can be cancelled if there is no reply to the message within 7 days.


Application Guidelines
  • Please submit a work created using only with PIGMA series of Sakura Color Products Corporation. (here in after called "PIGMA") and the other Sakura products.
  • Submitted works will be displayed to the entire world on this gallery’s website.
  • This contest is not organized or supported by Instagram.
  • 1. Works to Be Submitted

    Artworks created using PIGMA and the other Sakura Products.

  • 2. Required Information about Submitted Works

    • Artwork data : must be a clear and bright picture in scanned image of artwork.
    • Artwork format : JPEG, JPG, PNG or PDF
    • Size of Image File : Width or height of at least 1080 pixels, less than 10MB
    • Digital Processing : Digital processing of drawing, painting and coloring is not accepted.