Carving tools with rubberoid grip.

  • Rubber grip allows non-slippery comfortable grip.
  • The tools are designed for carving blocks of wood and rubber.
  • High quality edge can cut wooden plates very smoothly.
  • Five shapes are available.

5 edges are available.

Sharpness keeps for long time.


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Item Code Description Product Size Packing Unit Barcode
EHT-4A Carving Tools 4-piece set 148x58x20mm 10sets / 120sets 4901881827846
EHT-5A Carving Tools 5-piece set 148x72x20mm 10sets / 120sets 4901881827853
EHT-CA Carving Tools, Slant 142x13x12mm 10pcs. / 240pcs. 4901881827877
EHT-EA Carving Tools, V-Shaped 142x13x12mm 10pcs. / 240pcs. 4901881827884
EHT-FA Carving Tools, Flat 142x13x12mm 10pcs. / 240pcs. 4901881827860
EHT-RA Carving Tools, Round (big) 142x13x12mm 10pcs. / 240pcs. 4901881827891
EHT-RSA Carving Tools, Round (small) 142x13x12mm 10pcs. / 240pcs. 4901881827907


Blade: Steel
Barrel: PP
Grip: TPE
Case: PVC