100th Anniversary

SAKURA 100th Anniversary CONTEST

ART in your LIFE. SAKURA in your HAND

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of SAKURA’s founding in 1921.
Our innovative, high-quality SAKURA products
have always nurtured human creativity.

Art in your life. SAKURA in your hand.

We will continue promoting the joy of creativity
in the 100 years to come and beyond.


100 years ago, the lack of an appropriate drawing medium meant that art education in Japan centered on copying model sketches.

Children should be free to draw from nature and fill their expressions with brilliant light and beautiful color—artist Kanae Yamamoto launched the jiyu-ga movement and proposed the idea of “drawing without a master.” Keen on realizing this idea, in 1925, SAKURA developed the world’s first oil pastel. CRAY-PAS combined the simplicity of a crayon with the color saturation of a pastel and contributed greatly to the enhancement of art education in Japan.

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Colors from the Heart

Contribution to education and culture is our corporate motto at SAKURA.
Our many technological innovations and our broad range of products
have been established as a means to this end.

Our founding mission and our unflagging commitment
have always been to deliver colors from the heart.