SAKURA 100th Anniversary CONTEST SAKURA 100th Anniversary CONTEST

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Entry Period

15th March 2022

15th May 2022

Announcement of Results

We will announce results of the primary selection in June 2022, and the secondary selection in July 2022 at our social media accounts below.
We will announce the awards on 5th August 2022 at this webpage and the social media accounts.

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Local Information

The SAKURA 100th Anniversary Contest is a worldwide art contest for SAKURA users. The winners will get special package of SAKURA products. Get inspired each other and enjoy your creation!


Art in my Life

Express what you can imagine from the theme “Art in my Life” with below Sakura products.

Application Details

Contest Theme : Art in my Life

Products to be Used

Please use one or more of the following products. You can combine them with other Sakura products as well.


Anyone who loves SAKURA.


Anniversary Award

Gold Prize : (1 winner)
Winners will get special sets of Sakura products! Click to enlarge
Silver Prize : (1 winner)
Winners will get special sets of Sakura products! Click to enlarge
Bronze Prize (3 winners)
Winners will get special sets of Sakura products! Click to enlarge

Product Award

  • Pigma Award

    • Gold Prize : (1 winner)
    • Silver Prize : (1 winner)
  • Gelly Roll Award

    • Gold Prize : (1 winner)
    • Silver Prize : (1 winner)
  • Koi Coloring Brush Pen Award

    • Gold Prize : (1 winner)
    • Silver Prize : (1 winner)
  • Koi Water Colors Award

    • Gold Prize : (1 winner)
    • Silver Prize : (1 winner)

How to Apply

  • Create a new artwork according the contest theme "Art in my Life"
  • Post your artwork newly on your social media (Instagram / Facebook) with below dedicated hashtag.
    • #sakura100contest
    • #(your country) *For example #thailand #korea
  • Please post below 2 kinds of artwork images. Click here for example images.
    • A photo or scanned image of the artwork itself
    • A photo of artwork taken with the product

Entry Requirements

  • Any artworks submitted out of the entry period are invalid.
  • All applicants must agree the Entry Guidelines below: Please read the guidelines carefully.
  • Each participant may enter as many times as they wish.
  • An applicant's own Instagram / Facebook account is required for the Instagram Entry. If the account is deleted after the application, the application becomes invalid.
  • The applicant's Instagram account must be public. If it is private setting, your application is invalid.


  • Relevance to the theme
  • Artistic excellence
  • Application of the product's special features (Product Award)

Entry Period

From 15th March to 15th May, 2022

Announcement of Winners

  • Result of primary / final selection will be posted on Sakura social media @sakuracolorproducts (Instagram / Facebook)
  • The winners will be announced on the website around end of July 2022.
  • We, SAKURA COLOR PRODUCTS CORP. will inform winners of the result of this contest by direct message via Instagram or Facebook. The prize can be cancelled if there is no reply to the message within 7 days.


Application Guidelines
Works to Be Submitted
Required Information about Submitted Works
  • Artwork data : 2 kinds of images will be required for entry. (Click here for artwork example.)
    • A clear and bright picture or scanned image of artwork
    • An image of the artwork with the products used
Points to Heed When Applying
  • Applicants must follow the contest theme, qualifications, entry requirements and guidelines in this page.
  • The submitted artworks and comments will be presented on websites and social media accounts of Sakura group companies and Sakura's authorized distributors without applicant's permission.
  • Submitted artworks will be selected or displayed on the website only after our company has determined that they meet the entry requirements. Artworks corresponding to those mentioned below, and the accompanying comments, will be invalid.
  • Artworks that infringe privacy of other people, copyrights, trademarks or the other any legal rights.
  • Artworks offensive to public order and morals.
  • Artworks that violate laws or regulations, other artworks which our company judges to be inappropriate.
  • Our company's decision whether to display a submitted artwork will be final. No objections will be accepted.
  • Our company may, without notice, delete or re-display the artwork that has been displayed.
Entry Rules
Rights Related to Submitted Artworks
  • Copyrights and other intellectual property related to submitted artworks shall belong to Sakura. Sakura may use the artworks in other promotional tools for Sakura products without the applicant's permission.
  • An applicant may not exercise the creator's moral rights for the submitted artwork.
  • Data of submitted artworks will not be returned.
Regarding Personal Information
  • Personal information received from applicants will be used by Sakura for contacts to applicants and market analysis, but will not be used for any other purpose. Without the applicant’s consent, information received from the applicant will not be provided to third parties other than our company’s business affiliates.
  • Except for what is explicitly stated in. Entry Rule and elsewhere, Sakura shall not bear any responsibility for: damage that occurs for a reason not attributable to the responsibility of Sakura; damage that occurs due to special circumstances, regardless of whether Sakura was able to foresee them; damage to the applicant arising from lost profits or from a demand by a third party for damages.
  • Sakura shall not bear any responsibility for damage to an applicant or a third party that occurs in connection with this solicitation for applications.
  • Sakura shall not bear any responsibility for damage related to the matters mentioned below or to other matters

    • Mistakes or inaccuracies in submitted entry information
    • Disappearance or damage of data, including the submitted artwork
    • Problems related to software, hardware and internet connection (including but not limited to problems related to connection inability, connection speed, and file transmission)
    • Sakura shall not bear any responsibility regarding any complaint or other objection from a third party about a submitted work. The applicant shall be responsible for resolving such matters.