History of SAKURA



Since our inception in 1921, we have dreamed of and actualized the future with colors from the heart. Join us as we explore our century-long history below.


Established on May 29, 1921

We began as a crayon manufacturing company in Tokyo.


Moved to Osaka

In response to the devastation of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, we moved to Osaka.

Released the world's first oil pastel, "Cray-Pas".

At the time, art class materials were usually colored pencils and water colors. However, these materials were very poor quality, with problems like bad color application on the paper.
The medium that was developed to allow children to express themselves freely and color however they felt in the moment was Cray-Pas. However, the first Cray-Pas did not do well with seasonal temperature changes, so as a last resort we released two types: a hard summer Cray-Pas and soft winter Cray-Pas. Unfortunately, the planned quantity did not sell within the appropriate season, and there was a large amount of returned product.

Hard Cray-Pas for summer

Soft Cray-Pas for winter


Improved the Cray-Pas line for all-season usability

We improved product quality to make Cray-Pas usable across all of the four Japanese seasons. Cray-Pas soon became a normal part of elementary school life nationwide.


Released permanent marker, "My Name"

"My Name" is widely known in Japan as a permanent marker for writing names on items, etc. In foreign markets, it is sold under the name "IDentiTM Pen".


Released revolutionary industrial marker, "Solid Marker"

A revolutionary industrial marker employing a solid stick made by solidifying liquid oil paint. It is used in an array of fields, including iron and steel, shipbuilding, construction, and forestry.


Released world's first water-based pigment ink, "PigmaTM"

We succeeded in using pigment colors in water-based ink for the first time in the world, and actualized an ink that is both water-based and water-resistant.


Released world's first gel ink ballpoint pen "Ballsign"

We developed a revolutionary water-based gel ink that combines the benefits of the high quality color of water-based ink and the water resistance of oil-based ink. In foreign markets, it is sold under the name "Gelly Roll".

Opened a sales company in America, "Sakura Color Products of America"


Completed new headquarters building with a company museum
called "Sakura Art Museum" on the first floor

We installed this museum as part of our 70 year anniversary commemoration.
In addition to displaying our own collection, we also plan and hold exhibitions.

Dutch art material manufacturer "Royal Talens" became a Sakura Group company


Opened a production facility in China, "Shanghai Sakura Stationery Co., Ltd."


Dutch pencil manufacturer "Bruynzeel BV" became a Sakura Group company


Opened a sales company in China, "Shanghai Sakura International Trading Co., Ltd."


Danish hobby paint manufacturer "Schjerning Farver A/S" became a Sakura Group company


Japanese hobby paint manufacturer "Nicker Colour Co., Ltd." became a Sakura Group company


Opened a production facility in Vietnam, "Sakura Color Products of Vietnam Co., Ltd."


Sakura celebrates
100 years of its founding

We are grateful for 100 years of customer patronage! These past 100 years at Sakura have been an adventure in technological innovation and ceaseless striving to actualize our corporate motto, "Contribution to Education and Culture." "We are coloring the future." At Sakura, our mission is to enrich the lives of people worldwide with colors from the heart. And we will continue to actualize this company mission.