A colorful gel ink ballpoint pen with large quantities of ink flow

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You might not know this, but Gelly Roll is actually the world’s first gel ink ballpoint pen.
Gelly Roll is beloved by users around the world for various purposes such as highlighting illustrations, pattern art, lettering and journaling, etc. With Gelly Roll, you can draw lines and points, and can paint out just as you imagine them. Try it out with whatever you’d like to draw.



Opaque ink

Three Gelly Roll opaque ink series (White, Moonlight and Metallic) let you write on paper of any color, even black. Pattern art or lettering can be remarkably beautiful when drawn on black paper. Enjoy trying out these beautiful colors on backgrounds in any colors.

Great ink flow

You probably don’t normally think of being able to “paint” with a ballpoint pen. But thanks to large volume of ink flow of Gelly Roll with bold point, you can add color as though normal painting. So please try Gelly Roll for painting in lettering or illustrations, etc. Only the unique Gelly Roll lets you blend colors beautifully even though it is a ballpoint pen.

Lots of beautiful colors

Gelly Roll offers an amazing 80 colors in all! Opaque white, vibrant fluorescents, sparkling metallics, ink with glitter powder, and so much more. In fact, the cap designs vary depending on the ink category, too. Find the colors that best suit your own artistic style.



Q. Could you share us your favorite technique?

A. Yes, it’s “Color blending”.

As Gelly Roll has great color, I use them to create artworks of words with strong messages or bold impression. This is a technique I use often, since mixing colors can add depth to my artworks. Also, I like to use lots of colors because it looks more fun.

  • STEP 1:Painting the first color

    The trick is to paint with the pen half floating in the air.
    This allows you to paint without unevenness.

    STEP 1:Painting the first color
  • STEP 2:Blending colors

    Paint the second color and gradate the border.
    The key is to paint before the first color dries.

    STEP 2:Blending colors
  • STEP 3:Continue painting with the second color

    It is easy to paint if you try out the ink on a piece of paper and make sure there is plenty of ink.
    When you finish painting, paint the next color before drying.

    STEP 3:Continue painting with the second color