We received 142 entries from 21 countries.
The following are the results of our top selection.
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Application Details

Contest Theme : Japan

Express your image of Japan in a one-sheet manga or illustration with PIGMA series. Copyright infringement, such as the use of existing characters, is not allowed.


Anyone who lives outside Japan (regardless of nationality).


First Prize : (1 winner)

Pigma Micron Black in all sizes / Pigma Brush Black / Pigma PN in all colors / Pigma Brush Pen in all sizes / Gelly Roll White / Koi Coloring Brush Pen 48-color set & Blender Pen / Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box 48-color set / Various products in gold color

Second Prize : (2 winners)

Pigma Micron Black in all sizes / Pigma Brush Black / Pigma Brush Pen FB / Gelly Roll White / Koi Coloring Brush Pen 24-color set / Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box 36-color set / Various products in silver color

Third Prize : (7 winners)

Pigma Manga Set / Koi Coloring Brush Pen 12-color set / Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box 24-color set / Various products in copper color

We, SAKURA COLOR PRODUCTS CORP. will inform winners of the result of this contest by e-mail. The e-mails will be sent to an e-mail address which is submitted at the entry. The prize can be cancelled if there is no reply to the e-mail within 7 days.

Entry Requirements

Entry must be a clear picture or scanned image. It should not be less than 200 KB or more than 10 MB. Image file format should be JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG or PDF.

Submission of Entries

Applicants must agree the Application Guidelines below. Please read the guidelines carefully, agree it by checking the box, and proceed to the next page from the button at the bottom. Then please fill in the application form and upload a file of your artwork for the entry.


  • Relevance to the theme
  • Artistic excellence
  • Application of the product's special features

Entry Period

January 15th, 2017 to April 30th, 2017


Please expect a reply within 5 business days.
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Announcement of Winners

The winners will be announced on the website on May 31, 2017 (Japanese Standard Time).

Application Guidelines
  • Please submit a work created using PIGMA series of Sakura Color Products Corporation. (hereinafter called "PIGMA")
  • Submitted works will be displayed to the entire world on this gallery’s website.
Works to Be Submitted
Works created using PIGMA.
Required Information about Submitted Works
  • Work data and format : JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF
  • Size of work : 200KB or more, less than 10MB
Points to Heed When Applying
  • The submitted work and comments will be presented on the this website.
  • We may use the work on other communications media without your permission.
  • The submitted work must be an original work of its creator.
  • Submitted works will be displayed on the website only after our company has determined that they meet the application requirements. Works corresponding to those mentioned below, and the accompanying comments, will not be displayed.

    • Works that infringe copyrights, works that infringe the privacy of other people, works that include trademarks, other works that infringe legal rights.
    • Works offensive to public order and morals, works that violate a law or regulation, other works which our company judges to be inappropriate for display.
  • Our company’s decision whether to display a submitted work will be final. No objections will be accepted.
  • Our company may, without notice, delete or re-display a work that has been displayed.
Application Rules
Rights Related to Submitted Works
  • Copyrights and other intellectual property related to submitted works shall belong to Sakura.
  • An applicant may not exercise the creator’s moral rights for the submitted work.
  • Data about submitted works will not be returned.
Regarding Personal Information
  • Personal information received from applicants will be used by Sakura for marketing, for providing information, etc., but will not be used for any other purpose. Without the applicant’s consent, information received from the applicant will not be provided to third parties other than our company’s business affiliates.
  • For more about our handling of personal information, please visit here.
  • Except for what is explicitly stated in . Application Rule and elsewhere, Sakura shall not bear any responsibility for: damage that occurs for a reason not attributable to the responsibility of Sakura; damage that occurs due to special circumstances, regardless of whether Sakura was able to foresee them; damage to the applicant arising from lost profits or from a demand by a third party for damages.
  • Sakura shall not bear any responsibility for damage to an applicant or a third party that occurs in connection with this solicitation for applications.
  • Sakura shall not bear any responsibility for damage related to the matters mentioned below or to other matters

    • Mistakes or inaccuracies in submitted application information
    • Disappearance or damage of data, including the submitted work
    • Problems related to software, hardware and internet connection (including but not limited to problems related to connection inability, connection speed, and file transmission)
    • Sakura shall not bear any responsibility regarding any complaint or other objection from a third party about a submitted work. The applicant shall be responsible for resolving such matters.