Beautiful oil printing color.

  • Containing in 100ml aluminum tube.
  • Ideal for woodcut, lithography and relief printing, copperplate and etching.
  • Non-smearing and non-discoloring.
  • Even if the prints are piled up immediately after printing work, the printed color will not smear the back of the paper overlaid.
  • Extension, brilliancy and quick drying of the colors.
  • Colors are mixable with each other.
  • Available in 8 single colors.

Please refer our digital catalogue about the color assortment.


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Item Code Description Product Size Packing Unit Barcode
OH100#3 Printing Oil Color, Yellow 100ml 5pcs. / 100pcs. 4901881189876
OH100#5 Printing Oil Color, Orange 100ml 5pcs. / 100pcs. 4901881189883
OH100#12 Printing Oil Color, Brown 100ml 5pcs. / 100pcs. 4901881189890
OH100#19 Printing Oil Color, Red 100ml 5pcs. / 100pcs. 4901881189906
OH100#29 Printing Oil Color, Green 100ml 5pcs. / 100pcs. 4901881189913
OH100#43 Printing Oil Color, Prussian Blue 100ml 5pcs. / 100pcs. 4901881189920
OH100#49 Printing Oil Color, Black 100ml 5pcs. / 100pcs. 4901881189937
OH100#50 Printing Oil Color, White 100ml 5pcs. / 100pcs. 4901881189944


Tube: Aluminum
Cap: POM
Label: Paper