Portable brush washer with multiple functions.

  • Light weight & Good portability are ideal for sketching.
  • Several tubs can be used for different purposes, washing, rinse, etc.
  • Available in 4 types.


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Item Code Description Product Size Packing Unit Barcode
HISSEN-C Brush Washer, 2 containers-type 105x145x90mm 1pc. / 20pcs. 4901881147418
D1-BCA Brush Washer, 3 containers-type 86x75x40mm 10pcs. / 120pcs. 4901881183379
D1-BCC Brush Washer, Bucket-type Φ140 x110mm 10pcs. / 120pcs. 4901881183393
GS-FAE Brush Washer, Large Square-type 125x310x120mm 1pcs. / 40pcs. 4901881115882


Body: PS (D1-BCA and HISSEN-C), PP (D1-BCC and GS-FAE)
Handle: PP