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Corporate Motto

Contribution to Education and Culture

Its historic origin is our invention of Cray-pas (oil pastel) as a new coloring material in 1925. Since then, we have been offering color products based on the needs of teachers and schools for development of education and culture till now.

Corporate Profile

Head Office
  • 1-6-20, Morinomiya Chuo, Chuo-ku,Osaka, 540-8508 JAPAN
  • Phone : +81 6 6910 8824  Fax : +81 6 6910 8834
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  • 7-18-47 Kano, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka, JAPAN> Google Map
  • ISO 9001 certificated
  • ISO 14001 certificated
  • 2834-1 Roku Aira-cho, Kanoya, Kagoshima, JAPAN> Google Map
  • ISO 9001 certificated
  • ISO 14001 certificated
  • 1603, LI-AN Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China 201199
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  • ISO 9001 certificated
Chairman NISHIMURA Teiichi
President NISHIMURA Hikoshiro
Establishment 1921
Capital 90 Million Yen
Employees 1,200 (worldwide cosolidated basis)
  • Sakura Color Products of America, Inc.
  • Royal Talens B.V.
  • Shanghai Sakura International Trading Co., Ltd.


Year History and Development of Sakura
1921 Foundation of the company.
1925 Invented “Cray-pas”(oil pastel) and filed the patent globally.
1948 Sales Network (Agent) all over Japan has been established.
1950 Invented and launched Semi-transparent Water Color.
1961 Invented and launched Wood block ink.
  • Launched “Sakura Sign Pen”, “Plastic Pen” and “My Name”.
  • Invented and launched a Slid Mechanical Pencil.
  • Sales Network (Agent) all over Japan has been established.
1973 Released “Coupy Pencil”, a plastic-type crayon.
1978 Invented and launched “Solid Marker”, a tough industrial marker.
1982 Invented and launched “Pigma”, a world new sign pen by pigment ink.
1984 Invented and launched “Ballsign”, a water-based gel ink ball point pen.
1986 “Sakura of America” has been established in Hayward, California.
1990 “Pigmax”, a water-based opaque pigment marker was introduced.
  • Acquired the Dutch fine art material “Royal Talens BV” and Sakura became the world No.1 largest maker of art materials.
  • As commemoration of 70th Anniversary of foundation, Osaka head office has been re-built and also started the first annual “All Japan amateur art grand prize contest”.
1993 “Shanghai Sakura Stationary Co., Ltd.” has been established in Shanghai China.
1995 As Tube revolution,” Lead tube” of Water color has been changed to “Polythene tube”. Also as “Laminated tube” has been introduced.
1997 Acquired the Dutch pencil maker “Bruynzeel BV” and Sakura became the only company that can produce and sell full range of color art materials from color pencils to oil color.
1998 Started the series of new products “Eco-feel” based on Ecology.
  • “Japanese patent office governor prize” was awarded to the invention of special Gel ink for Ballsign.
  • Osaka Factory acquired certification of environmental management “ISO14001”.
  • Released “Washable Indian Ink”.
  • New Business, “Memorabiliart” (Scrapbooking) started.
2001 New Business, “Educe” (Mail-order business) started.
2002 Established “Talens Chile” (Joint venture Royal Talens & Artel in Santiago,Chile) and also established “Shanghai Sakura International Trading Co., Ltd.” in China.
2003 Launched “Glaze”, a 3D gloss color pen.
2004 Released “Mat Water Colors Multi” suitable not only on paper but on wood and plastic.
2006 New Business, “Corusupport” (Dispatch art teachers to schools) started.
2007 Established “Shanghai Talens Fine Art Material Co., Ltd.” in Shanghai (Joint Venture with Royal Talens).
  • “Artist Material Suppliers Co., Ltd.” has been established in Japan to supply fine art & color products as whole-seller.
2013 “Osaka Factory” & “Kagoshima Factory” acquired certification of quality management system “ISO9001”.
2015 Launched “Ballsign Knock”, a retractable gel ink pen with 40 colors.
2016 bruynzeel-sakura was fully integrated within the Royal Talens organization on Oct. 1.
Royal Talens acquired Schjerning Farver A/S, a Danish paint producer on Nov. 15.