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SAKURA 100th Anniversary CONTEST SAKURA 100th Anniversary CONTEST

Country Award - Philippines

This is a special award selected by the authorized distributor in Philippines.

Artist name
Joshua Carlos BarreraPhilippines
Products used
Gelly Roll

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I have been using Sakura products, especially Gelly Roll pens, since I started drawing and painting. To receive a prize in this contest is an amazing moment I will surely cherish. I’m now even more passionate to create art that spreads joy and shows the beauty of things all around us.
Comment - Authorized distributor in Philippines
The use of Gelly Roll for pointillism is very impressive. Also the idea of using opaque ink to draw on black paper is also wonderful. The texture of the waves is beautifully expressed.


Entry Period

15th March 2022

15th May 2022

The SAKURA 100th Anniversary Contest is a worldwide art contest for SAKURA users. The winners will get special package of SAKURA products. Get inspired each other and enjoy your creation!

Products to be used

  • Pigma

  • Gelly Roll

    Gelly Roll
  • Koi Coloring Brush Pen

    Koi Coloring Brush Pen
  • Koi Water Colors

    Koi Water Colors

Authorized distributor in Philippines


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